Rhunerhinerstones (James Joyce aux chutes du Rhin)


Folgende, zumindest sprachlich rheinkonnotierten Zitate aus Finnegans Wake schickte uns Lenya Roysle aus Paris, Frankreich als Material zu ihrer Zeichnung. Sie blättere, teilte sie mit, immer wieder gerne im Originaltext, obgleich eine französische Übersetzung, erschienen bei Gallimard im Jahre 1982, dieses häufig als unlesbar hingestellten Werkes existiere. Nun wüßten also auch wir, was Joyce am Rheinfall machte. Ein Wissen, das wir rheinseins Besuchern keinesfalls vorenthalten wollen. Merci, mademoiselle!

„First she let her hair fal and down it flussed to her feet its teviots winding coils. Then, mothernaked, she sampood herself with galawater and fraguant pistania mud, wupper and lauar, from crown to sole. Next she greesed the groove of her keel, warthes and wears and mole and itcher, with antifouling butter-scatch and turfentide and serpenthyme and with leafmould she ushered round prunella isles and eslats dun, quincecunct, allover her little mary. Peeld gold of waxwork her jellybelly and her grains of incense anguille bronze. And after that she wove a garland for her hair. She pleated it. She plaited it. Of meadowgrass and riverflags, the bulrush and waterweed, and of fallen griefs of weeping willow. Then she made her bracelets and her anklets and her armlets and a jetty amulet for necklace of clicking cobbles and pattering pebbles and rumbledown rubble, richmond and rehr, of Irish rhunerhinerstones and shellmarble bangles.“
Book I, chap. 8, p. 207

„Two Idas, two Evas, two Nessies and Rubyjuby. Phook! No wonder, pipes as kirles, that he sthings like a rheinbok. One bed night he had the delysiums that they were all queens mobbing him. Fell stiff. Oh, ho, ho, ho, ah, he, he!“
Book II, chap. 3, p. 379

„P.S. but a fingerhot of rheingenever to give the Pax cum Spiri-tututu. Drily thankful. Burud and dulse and typureely jam, all free of charge, aman, and. And the best of wine avec.“
Book III, chap. 1, p. 406

„- Hooraymost! None whomsoever, Shaun replied, Heavenly blank! (he had intentended and was peering now rather close to the paste of his rubiny winklering) though it ought to be more or less rawcawcaw romantical. By the wag, how is Mr Fry? All of it, I might say, in ex-voto, pay and perks and wooden half- pence, some rhino, rhine, O joyoust rhine, was handled over spon-daneously by me (and bundle end to my illwishers’ Miss Anders! she woor her wraith of ruins the night she lost I left!) in the ligname of Mr van Howten of Tredcastles, Clowntalkin, timbreman, among my prodigits nabobs and navious of every subscription entitled the Bois in the Boscoor, our evicted tenemants.“
Book III, chap.1, p. 414

Zitate aus: James Joyce, Finnegans Wake (Penguin Books, 1992)