The McGoohan-Rhine Falls syndrom

brian iron_rheinfallsyndrom

brian iron_rheinfallsyndrom_2

Brian Iron zur Entstehungsgeschichte seines Rheinfall-Diptychons (Original: jeweils 70,4 auf 48,7 cm):
“At the beginning of the 90ies i’ve been very much interested in what painters of the 18th century, and afterwards writers and travelers called “pittoresque” (picturesque), and started my Grand Tour. First and last stop was the Rhine Falls. There, i noticed i didn’t see the falling water but the picture of falling water. I hardly tried to escape from this, but without success; the Rhine Falls picture caught me back again each time. I stood for hours on the cancelli watching the water and the kids diving in the foam, they were heroes. Heroes ignore the contradiction between reality and picture; they only know the reality of their heroism. By trying to get off the picture, i started to suppose a reality behind or before, this made me feel a non-hero, a zero-hero. (…)”

Brian Irons kühne, u.a. von alten TV-Serien wie “The Prisoner” inspirierte Malerei entstand parallel zum Höhepunkt der Multimedia-Kunstwelle und blieb wenig beachtet. Iron lebt heute zurückgezogen in Killeany, Inishmore, einer der Aran-Inseln, wo er die Landschaft des Burren mit Hilfe eines Mikroskops abmalt.